Eric A. Kessler Photographer

For over 30 years I have shot travel, portrait, editorial, advertising, and conservation projects as a freelance photographer. Here you can find information about my photography services, and examples of my work. Please take a moment to get a feel for the range of images and subjects I shoot. Find out why my clients return to me again and again to accurately, and artistically portray the types of services and products they offer.

Photography is my way of immersing myself in the beauty of the natural world. I have been a wilderness explorer and traveler for most of my life and have always had a camera with me since my childhood. The act of creating an image brings me into the present in terms of awareness and focus; it demands an intimate dance with form, light, texture and time. Many of my images are conceived long before I actually release the shutter, sometimes before I am even aware of the correct location to shoot them.

My photography career has evolved as digital photography has emerged as a high quality media. I shot 35 mm and medium format transparencies for decades, and now shoot almost exclusively digital. I have found that being able to work with my images and print them puts me in greater control of my vision. Working with Photoshop is as rewarding and complex as darkroom work has been for me.

Finally it is my hope that sharing some of our world’s most beautiful, fragile, and threatened cultures, environments, and wildlife, will allow me to contribute to their preservation.

You can reach me at: 360-378-8866 or eric@ekessler.com